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Authxperts becomes the first company in the United States to be recommended by the US State Department in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Doha, QATAR | Legalization services for more than 100 countries | Authxperts now offers Concierge services - call us for details. Need FBI report in 24 hours, call or email us
How to request FBI report in Washington DC?- My FBI Report 08.01.2018
We are FBI approved channeler partner so we can assist with retrieval of your FBI report in as little as 24-48 hours.

We are livescan fingerprint provider partnered with FBI Approved Channeler. Contact our Rockville, MD office for details. 

We also provide onsite and mobile fingerprinting for FBI reports requests for groups, non- profits, charitable organizations etc. in Washington DC
FBI Apostille
FBI Criminal History Report Fast Retrieval Request and Apostille- My FBI Report 02.24.2017
Authxperts not only provides FBI ( Federal Criminal History) reports apostille services but can also assist in requesting and retrieval of FBI ( Federal Criminal History) report in as little as 24 hours. Compared to 14 weeks turnaround time, if request is mailed direct to FBI headquarters in West Virginia, this service is great time saver to our clients.  Hundreds have used our super fast, friendly and economical services already.
FBI Report Apostille Website- My FBI Report 07.14.2017
Authxperts is pleased to announce that we have launched new website for our customers seeking to get apostille on their FBI Reports. As the website is focussed solely on FBI reports, it will be easy for customers to get all the relevant information they need to request FBI reports through Authxperts and also to get Apostille on the reports quickly using Authxperts Service. 

We now provide livescan FBI fingerprint services at our office location in Rockville, MD and also can assist American Citizens residing abroad who need to request FBI reports for various reasons. We are also in the process to launch livescan fingerprint services for FBI Reports at office in Sydney, Australia and in New Delhi, India shortly. 

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How to get FBI ( Federal Criminal History) Report fast? - My FBI Report 02.01.2017
Authxperts has launched a new website that has information about requesting FBI reports whether you are located in US or elsewhere around the world. Visit for more information. We can assist in requesting your FBI report in as little as 24-48 hours. We can also assist with getting apostille on FBI Report or consular legalization as needed. 

FBI Criminal Check Apostille for $ 45- My FBI Report 03.01.2017
Authxperts offers fast, convenient and economical way to get apostille on your FBI criminal reports. We not only offer assistance with requesting your FBI Report through FBI approved Channelers, but can also get apostille on your FBI Criminal history report from US Department of State, Authentication Division in 4-5 days. Charge for FBI Report apostille is only $ 45+ shipping.