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Authxperts becomes the first company in the United States to be recommended by the US State Department in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Doha, QATAR | Legalization services for more than 100 countries | Authxperts now offers Concierge services - call us for details. Need FBI report in 24 hours, call or email us
How to request FBI report in Washington DC?- My FBI Report 08.01.2018
We are FBI approved channeler partner so we can assist with retrieval of your FBI report in as little as 24-48 hours.

We are livescan fingerprint provider partnered with FBI Approved Channeler. Contact our Rockville, MD office for details. 

We also provide onsite and mobile fingerprinting for FBI reports requests for groups, non- profits, charitable organizations etc. in Washington DC
Ink-Fingerprinting-in-Maryland-Virginia-Washington DC
Ink-Fingerprinting-in-Maryland-Virginia-Washington DC 05.01.2017
Authxperts staff of trained fingerprint professionals are available to provide ink fingerprinting services at our office in Rockville, MD. Ink fingerprints are generally required for requests to send fingerprints for Federal purposes, to other states, or other countries. We understand the inconvenience of being fingerprinted at your local Police Department. Too often there are long lines, limited hours, residency restrictions, and fingerprint cards arent kept in stock. We offer convenient office hours, do not have residency restrictions, and stock FBI (FD-258) cards in our office.Ink fingerprinting services are available for everyone, including individuals and business. Some of the most common ink fingerprint reasons include

  • All out of state licenses including, but not limited to
    • Architect License
    • Nursing License
    • Medical Marijuana License
    • Massage Therapist License
    • Pharmacy License
    • Dental License
    • Broker License
    • Physican's License
    • Horse Racing License
  • Immigration
  • Foreign criminal history check
  • Out of country Adoptions
  • Bar Exam
  • Out-of-state Handgun Permit
  • IRS eFile
  • Post Office Employment
  • Medicare/Medicaid Provider
  • FBI Background Check
  • Federal Employment

We provide walk in service for Ink Fingerprinting in addition to live scan services at our office location in Rockville, MD

Ink Fingerprint Guarantee

We provide only the highest quality ink printing as our staff is trained by active law enforcement.

At Authxperts we use high quality ink pads. The quality ink we use makes all the difference with fingers that may be dry or oily and have trouble picking up ink and rolling an acceptable print. The ink pads we use regulate the flow of ink, preventing fingers from becoming overinked and the ink dries almost instantly, helping to prevent smudged fingerprints. It is easy to clean and everyone will get an ink remover wipe to clean up with upon completion of being printed.

We strive to capture the highest quality ink fingerprints possible. However, there are instances where fingerprint cards are rejected due to low quality images. This is usually due to age or skin conditions.

If your fingerprints are rejected due to low quality images, we will reprint you for free.

Things you will need

In order to complete your request, you will need to bring-

Proof of Identification-

  • Drivers License
  • State Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Military ID Card
How to get Maryland State Background Checks? 04.01.2018

Authxperts LLC, located in Rockville, Maryland, is a CJIS-authorized provider of secure Livescan fingerprint services. We are conveniently located in Montgomery County, Maryland. We offer electronic fingerprinting and fast background checks so criminal history results are received in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months. 

All of our Fingerprint Technicians are certified, and have been subject to State and Federal fingerprint-based background checks. 

Maryland Livescan fingerprinting 01.01.2018
Need Livescan fingerprinting done for Maryland State? Looking for convenient and reliable locations?
How to Get FBI Report in Maryland? 01.01.2018

We are FBI approved channeler partner so we can assist with retrieval of your FBI report in as little as 24-48 hours. Whether you are located in United States or in any part of the world, you can use our services to get Federal Criminal history or FBI report for personal use or for immigration purposes etc. You need to be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to use this service.  If you need FBI Report for visa, immigration or personal review, send us an email specifying your enquiry and we will get back to you.

This service is provided in accordance with U.S Departmental  Order 556-73, under regulatory authority of 28CFR16.30-34. The Departmental Order states that an individual may obtain a copy of his/her FBI criminal identification record, upon request, for review and correction purposes, to challenge the information on record, and other court-related matters.